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It's about changing communities.

It is important to us that we are providing our member the best opportunities to Triumph.

See what our team members are saying about their myTeam Triumph experience.

"As the mother of a 23 year old multiply disabled sassy girl, mTT checked off all the boxes for us:  a fun leisure activity - a high energy activity, outside in our community, meeting new friends, hanging with old friends, people cheering her on, clapping for her, calling out her name, her favorite music blaring from beneath her stroller.


My daughter never got to play a team sport – this is her team sport.


Before mTT the weekends would come along and my daughter rarely had something to do that was about her, mTT gave her a leisure activity that was all about her.


The best is getting a text or an email from mTT asking if she wants to join in on an upcoming race.  For me, as her mom, it feels like a friend calling up and asking “can Sami come out to play” PRICELESS"

Lori Leskin

Captain's Parent


"My son Austin just joined mTT this year. It has opened up his world in so many amazing ways. Austin’s now an athlete able to participate in 5Ks in his community arm to arm with all other athletes. He’s no longer on the sidelines as an observer.


Being goal-oriented, Austin now has the opportunity to be successful in a way that he never had before. Not only is Austin walking across the finish line, but he’s been able to push his own race chair and even pushed his Captain in his chair at the end of races. His smiles say it all when everyone is cheering “Go Austin!!”. 


It is a wonderful, life affirming experience to see Austin just having fun with all the wonderful people he’s met in the mTT community."

Kathy Fong

Captain's Parent


"My family's involvement in myTeamTriumph is without a doubt the best thing we've done all year. My son, "Captain Jack," eagerly looks forward to each event, asking, "race?" on a daily basis. He loves the feeling of going fast, the cheers of the crowd, and of being surrounded by such positive, upbeat people.


During a race, Jack is free from the limitations of his body, which is an unbelievable gift for individuals with disabilities, and for the people who love them.


We are grateful for the opportunity to be involved in an organization that has had such a huge impact on our lives."

Connie Cromwell

Captain's Parent

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