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myTEAM TRIUMPH promotes health, teamwork and community and requires the involvement of many people with diverse abilities and disabilities. Persons with disabilities are referred to as the team "CAPTAIN" and will ride-along in the event.


So if you have a disability that keeps you confined to a wheelchair or that severely limits you from participating in road races and triathlon sports, then this program was created just for you. 


We support individuals with various disabilities needing different levels of support.  Captains who are ambulatory, we have a number of opportunities to for you to run or walk! Captains who need the support of a race chair, we have a wide range of fitting options based on your needs.


Captains can choose to participate with Angels of their choosing. Or, mTT will pair Captains with their Angels.


Families and caregivers, we love to have you as part of the team as well!  Be an Angel or Volunteer on race day!


Participation in a mTT event as a Captain is 100% cost-free!  We provide the equipment, host regular training events, sponsor the entry fee and provide a team uniform for all Captains.


If you are interested in becoming a captain, complete the online application by clicking the link below.


Once we receive your application, you will begin receiving information from our staff regarding opportunities to participate in our upcoming races and training events that match your interests.



Become a Captain

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